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We are in need of the following items:

1,000 Turkeys

900 #10 cans of green beans, corn, yarns, cranberry sauce

200 packages of Cornbread Dressing

300 lbs. of Onions

100 lbs. Garlic

Click Here for a complete list

Families Helping Families

Giving Opportunities

Give the Gift that matters!
If you have a gift to give please click here to learn about all of the ways that you can contact us.

Top 3 For Our Growth:
01. Commercial Real Estate
02. Event Space
03. New & Used Automobiles

Top 10 For the Families:
01. Bottled Water
02. Dry Baby Food/Formula
03. Kid's Diapers
04. School Supplies
05. Canned Corn
06. Canned Soup
07. Canned Meat
08. 1 Pound Bags of Rice
09. Male & Female Toiletries
10. Home Cleaning Supplies

Top 5 For the Holidays:
01. Whole Turkey
02. Ham
03. Cranberry Sauce
04. #10 Canned Corn
05. #10 Canned Green Beans


Click here to view the full list of items that you can contribute to help us help the community.

Did you know?
Our relationship with local food suppliers allows us to purchase food items at costs much lower than if you were to visit a grocery store and buy the same items.

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What's New

Hosea Feed The Hungry is proudly leading the way for the next generation in Human Services. Now it's easier than ever to participate. Take a peak below at some of the exciting things we have going on!

"Saving Lives Everyday!"

01. Atlanta rapper, actor, and activist, T.I. is standing tall with Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless supporting the children and the families that we serve.

02. We have been doing some research on Child Hunger in America. Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia is the poorest city in the U.S. for children? This means that more children live in poverty in this city than anywhere else in the entire country.

03. Did you know that 1 out of every 50 children in the U.S. is homeless?

04. Did you know that last summer more than 600,000 children did not have access to breakfast and lunch while they were out of school? Be the change that you wish to see! Make a difference by making a donation! Do it.

05. Did you know that 40% to 60% of homeless people work.

Below we have posted a glimpse at the success that we've had this year. We would like to appreciate all of our volunteers that made this possible.

01. On July 21st of this year 2012 we hosted an event where we served over 2,400 Students Grades 5 through 12 with bookbags packed with school supplies, live entertainment and so much more. On this same day we served 300 households with groceries and fresh produce: another community success. We love our volunteers!


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Have An Impact

Never underestimate the power of one individual to change the world for the better. Everyone can have an impact. Make your mark.

 3 Principles & 3 "R's" | The Foundation of a Mission

Here's a little insight to how we arrive at our Mission, and how we direct our efforts. We begin with three basic principles, things that we believe in, and then we apply the three "R's" to each principle.

The 3 Principles

01. Every child deserves adequate food, clothing, shelter and school supplies.

02. When hard working families find themselves in financial crisis there must be someone there to help them, and support them in their efforts to sustain self-reliance and achieve upward mobility.

03. Individuals that want to cause positive change in the world should have access to a community of like minds that will encourage them and give them ideas on how their abilities and resources would be best used for that purpose.

And to these 3 Principles we apply the 3 "R's"
Research - Reflection - Resolve

01. Research - Inform yourself about the history of the various problems involved, and about all of the ways that people are currently trying to solve those problems.

02. Reflection - Examine all the ways that you can make a contribution, and then apply strategy and innovation to discovering your maximum contribution.

03. Resolve - Establish specific courses of action that are designed to yield measurable outcomes at different levels of success. Learn from your mistakes so that the moments when you fail each bring you closer to that moment when you will succeed.

When you contribute to Hosea Feed The Hungry you are contributing to this process, and each success we have belongs to the entire community.

Thanks for visiting our website. Take your time and look around. To participate in our efforts please join our online community.

Hosea Feed The Hungry (HFTH)
"Saving Lives Everyday!"



A Hosea Feed The Hungry Social Community. Est. 1971


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Since 2012

Total Number Served

Grocery Distribution: 3,274
Financial Assistance: 152
Homeless Outreach: 7,200
Disaster Relief: 46
Furniture Distribution: 206
Healthy Living: 25
Community Giveaways: 1,165
Case Management:139
Book Bags: 1,800
Volunteer Hours: 10,000

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