About Us


Our Mission

To examine and then raise public awareness about the many problems facing families and individuals that are living in poverty or are at-risk of slipping into poverty, and then to mobilize products, volunteers and financial resources to solve those problems, or to ease the burden that those problems cause.

pov.er.ty | [pov.er.tee] – noun
(1) Implies a state of being when families and individuals are lacking the basic necessities of life. (2) Implies a state of being when help or relief is absolutely necessary. [dictionary.reference.com]

help | [help] – verb
(1) to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; to contributestrength or means to; to render assistance to; to cooperate effectively with, to aid or assist. (2) tosave or rescue. (3) to make easier or less difficult; to contribute to, or facilitate. (4) to be useful orprofitable to.  [dictionary.reference.com]

Our Path to Success

There are two groups of people that concern us. The first group is made of people that need help and encouragement. The second group is made of people that want to change the world for the better, and so they stand ready to provide help and encouragement wherever it is needed. Hosea Feed The Hungry stands right in the middle of the dynamic interactions between these two groups to ensure that both groups have many opportunities to be fulfilled.

Our success is measured by the quality of the impact that we have on the lives of people in these two groups. There are families, businessess, organizations, government agencies, school systems and many other communities that want to have a direct impact on improving the condition of our world, and it is our role in society to provide them with that opportunity. There are also families, organizations and schools that need help, and it is our role in society to ensure that they get the help they need, and are then inspired to turn around and volunteer their time and resources to helping other people.

Assess, Investigate and then Connect

Step 1: Assess the need through case management, interviews, surveys and open dialogue.

Step 2: Investigate who has the resources and expertise to meet this need.

Step 3: Connect the resources with the need.

There are those hard working stable individuals and families that one day find themselves in need, and there are those individuals in need that soon find themselves stable and wanting to help someone else. Hosea Feed The Hungry is here serving both communities every day throughout the year in over three countries.

Hosea Feed The Hungry | The future of human services.

Our History

Since its founding in 1971, Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless Food (HFTH), a Christian international aid organization, distributed more than $3.0 billion in food, clothing, medical, educational, toiletries, furniture and cleaning supplies to 16 Georgia counties, three states and to the Philippines, the Ivory Coast and Uganda. The organization maintains an average administrative overhead of 14 percent — ensuring the poor receive 86 percent of all donations.

Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless follows the principle that education and self-help must fortify charity work so recipients learn to break the cycle of poverty. HFTH prevents homelessness by providing rent, mortgage, and utility assistance, financial literacy and GED classes, distribution of school supplies and book bags to children, annual Christmas children’s party, intensive case management and support to programs to teach recipients how to develop small businesses and co-ops while providing leadership training to independent farmers.

Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless was founded in 1971 by civil rights icons Rev. Hosea and Juanita T. Williams. Their vision was instrumental in guiding Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless as it became one of the most significant human services organization in the Southeast United States providing services for some 50,000 people per year. In 2000, Afemo and Elisabeth Omilami, who have extensive experience in program development and an in-depth knowledge of meeting the basic needs of families in crisis so those families don’t become homeless especially the  working poor and the homeless, tripled the numbers served and expanded HFTH to a year-round human service organization. Mrs. Omilami assumed the Presidency in 2000 and provides the leadership for Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless during this time of explosive growth.

Created to help destitute people in the United States, Hosea Feed The Hungry has forged a spirit of cooperation between individuals, corporations and churches of the First World and of the Third World. Established as a 501(c)(3) charity, HFTH collects funds and Gifts-in kind year-round. Hosea Feed the Hungry was named one of the top charities in Georgia for its Katrina relief program to over 6,000 hurricane survivors by the Georgia State Senate.

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