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We, here at Hosea Feed The Hungry, are taking the first steps at initiating our Youth Volunteer Program, and we would like your feedback. If Hosea Feed The Hungry were to start its Youth Volunteer Program what types of activities would you like your youth to participate in, and what benefits would you like them to get out of their experiences?

Post your reply and let us know what you think.

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I would love to help the youth volunteer program

How can I volunteer with this program?
I would love to volunteer!

I have 4 children that would love to participate!

I have a soon to be 16 year old daughter and her and I volunteer every year for the Thanksgiving Event.  She loves to meet people and has enjoyed the experience.  In this program I would like to see activities that show the youth the behind the scenes task of organizing various events from collecting donors, manning the clothing rooms, to media and preparation.  This would give them the business sense of organizing something that means so much to others and is the only assistance some may get all year.  Mentoring would be an excellent activity I would also like to see in this program where they could be paired with others to help those that may be somewhat shy or reserved or struggling from self-esteem issues.  I look forward to volunteering this year for the Thanksgiving event!!

Community outreach, after school tutoring, recreational sports of some sort might be good. I would like for my kids to volunteer at this young age now so that as they grow into adults it will continue.

I am a the director for children's ministry at the church I attend and our motto this year is leading a life of service for Christ. We would love for the children at our church to participate in a program where they are helping and serving others. Some suggestion ideas could be

Have the children draw some picture on cards with encouraging words and give it out.

Help set tables where people would be eating. 

I think children as young as 5/6 (school age), supervised by parents, can contribute. They can prepare blessing bags for men, women and children. They can clear tables, place ice in cups, decorate lunch bags. Also, some more hands on activities, like maybe distributing supplies to clients, etc.

I pray that you would move forward with this initiative. What an awesome opportunity to teach our young people the beauty of giving, without expecting anything back-that giving is its own reward. You can count on us, my personal family and The Martin Street Church of God family to support it wholeheartedly!


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