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Hello! Welcome to our "Gift Drive" application. When you make a contribution to our efforts here at Hosea Feed The Hungry (HFTH) we call that contribution a "gift". Every gift has a positive impact on the people that we serve. To have the highest possible impact, and to make the highest possible contribution our supporters initiate their own campaigns or "drives" to collect a specific type of resource from a community that they belong to. There are Food Drives, Clothing Drives and all sorts of campaigns that you can initiate based on what our needs are at the time that you decide to start collecting items.

The "Our Current Needs" section on this form always communicates the most up-to-date needs of the organization, and allows you to select which need will serve as the basis for your campaign.

This form is used to collect information from our supporters so that we can help you run the best campaign possible. The information collected on this form will allow us to know who to contact, how to identify the purpose for the campaign, how to schedule deliveries and pick-ups, and how to record the gifts that will be donated to Hosea Feed The Hungry at the end of your campaign.

Please take your time and fill out the form completely. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to begin coordinating our efforts to build a successful campaign.

-Thank You!-


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