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Below you will find a list of programs, the types of gifts you can give that would contribute to the efforts of that program, and the quality rating on the types of gifts that we are willing to accept. You can always donate products directly to Hosea Feed The Hungry, but we thought you should know that we can purchase those same products and a much lower cost. We are introducing new options for you to make financial contributions that can be reserved for the purchase of specific items. Where you may be able to buy one, we can buy two. More options equals more ways to make a difference.

Feel free to donate any items all year long.
Our goal is to acquire all of the items that we are going to need for a particular program the year before we inted to use them. This allows us to be more efficient in our planning. We appreciate your support.


--- *Below you will find our current urgent needs list. This list represents the items that we need to produce events that will be happening over the next three months. Canned Foods (#10 cans preferable) Uncooked Rice, Beans, Pasta Frozen Desserts Frozen Meats Cooking Equipment Coolers 6 ft. and 8 ft. Tables Flat Beds-8 Pallet Jacks-4 Storage Space Freezer Space Freezers Refrigerated Truck Box Truck ---

:: Quality Rating ::

Food: New Only
Beverages: New Only
Baby Items: New Only
School Supplies: New Only
Toys: New Only
Food Serving Ware: New Only
Clothing: New or Slightly Used
Furniture: New or Slightly Used
Toiletries: New Only
Cleaning Supplies: New Only
Appliances: New or Slightly Used
Electronics: New or Slightly Used
Office Supplies: New or Slightly Used
Automobiles: New or Slightly Used
Real Estate: Event Space, Commercial and Residential


:: Programs Based Giving ::

*All Year Long

Canned Goods
+ Canned Vegetables
+ Canned Meat
+ Canned Soup
+ Canned Milk

Dry Goods
+ Rice
+ Macaroni & Cheese
+ Cereal
+ Mashed Potatoes
+ Quick Grits
+ Pasta Noodles

Frozen Goods
+ Frozen Ready-Made Meals
+ Frozen Vegetables
+ Frozen Dessert Products

+ Water
+ Soda
+ Coffee
+ Tea

*Our Signature Holiday Events

+ Whole Turkeys
+ Whole Hams
+ Canned Green Beans (Size #10)
+ Canned Green Beans (Size #10)

 Serving Ware
+ Carry Out Trays (Three Compartment)
+ Disposable Cutlery Kits
+ Napkins
+ Paper Towels
+ Disposable Plates
+ Disposable Cups
+ Aluminum Foil
+ Plastic Wrap

*Services to Children

+ Book Bags
+ Pencils
+ Pens
+ Composition Notebooks
+ 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks
+ Loose Leaf Paper
+ 1 Inch 3 Ring Binders
+ Glue Sticks
+ 12 Inch Rulers
+ Calculators

*Community Outreach

+ Peanut Butter
+ Grape Jelly
+ Bread
+ Plastic Sealable Sandwich Bags
+ Potatoe Chips

*Professional Services

+ Medical Doctors
+ Disc Jockeys
+ CDL Drivers
+ Landscapers

A Hosea Feed The Hungry Social Community. Est. 1971


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