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We have included this section so that we could have the chance to tell you about all of the ways that you can get involved in the Hosea Feed The Hungry Community. We are a dynamic operation and need people in a wide range of fields, and people in a wide range of skills and talents.


You can give a financial gift.

By Credit/Debit Card:

"Just Look for the Purple Button"

If you look on the right side of the screen and scroll down until you see the purple "Donate" button and click on that button you will be directed to a page the will provide you the opportunity to give a financial gift online by entering your Credit/Debit Card information.

By Check/Money Order:

All checks/money orders are made payable to . . .

Hosea Feed The Hungry
PO Box 4672
Atlanta, Georgia 30302

In Cash:

All cash donations can be made in person at . . .

Hosea Families in Crisis Care Center
1035 Donnelly Avenue SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

You can give gifts that are products and goods.

Gifts made to Hosea Feed The Hungry that are not monetary gifts are called "Gifts In-Kind". The gifts that you give us are moved directly into the hands of the families that use those gifts to enhance the quality of their lives. In many situations the gift that you give was the help that a family needed at a moment where there was no one else to help them.

Your gifts help families fight a lack of:

Food, Beverages, Clothing, School Supplies, Personal Toiletry Items, Baby Items, Furniture, Toys, Books and so much more . . .

There are four ways that you can give an in-kind gift:

1. You can deliver your items to the Hosea Families in Crisis Care Center located on 1035 Donnelly Avenue SW., Atlanta, Georgia 30310.
2. You can work with a group of people to host a gift drive campaign dedicated to a particular item. Gift drive campaigns can involve 5 or 5,000 people, and can last for 3 weeks or 3 months. If your campaign raises enough products to require a large commercial vehicle to transport them we'll provide you with a team that will come to your location and pick the items up.
3. You can visit our online shop and purchase items from stores that provide us a discount as their contribution to our efforts.
4. You can volunteer for one of our events and bring the items that you want to donate down to the event with you.

You can volunteer your time.

In this section we will discuss how you can contact the Volunteer Department here at Hosea Feed The Hungry, how you can stay connected to the volunteer community, and how you can receive notifications about new volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Department Contact Information:

Phone: 404.755.3353

Stay Connected:

The best way to stay connected is to attent "Volunteer Orientation", which is held at our Care Center every other Friday at 3:00 PM on 1035 Donnelly Avenue SW, Atlanta 30310. Attending this orientation will clear you to volunteer with us all year long. Call us at 404.755.3353 to find out when the next "Volunteer Orientation" will be held.


Hosea Feed The Hungry volunteers that are members of our online community have multiple channels of communication with us and other volunteers, and therefore have an opportunity to be notified several ways that new volunteer opportunities are coming up.

1. E-Mail notifications
2. messages to your Network In-Box
3. messages to Groups that you join
4. the Events Panel that is on the right side of your screen
5. online Chat with other members


You can invite people to join our online community.

You can make a significant contribution to our efforts by simply inviting your friends and family members to join our online community, and in doing so promote volunteerism and awareness about the good work that is going on.

As a member you can enter someone's e-mail address to invite them, or you can share our online community on your social networks.

Thank you for helping us grow our online community!!


You can remember us in your Living Will and Testament.

We have a very special relationship with people across america that have decided to make a charitable contribution from their estate in the event of their passing. This decision is one that has always touched our hearts, and binded us to their families as we work together to cause positive change in the world.


Support Our Efforts Through Your Monthly Gift:

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